African Viral Fashion House

& Creative Arts


There's a reason why we chose to be viral! We are viral because flaunting and promoting creativity is what we do. You can be sure that your content will be seen by the right people


We at Stylish Gwin Africa work with designers and artisans who are crazy about making original African oriented content - original African creative arts and crafts.


Whether a designer, artisan or a lover of African creative arts. You can flaunt your style, express your Africanism and connect with like minds. Feel free to join us!

About Us

Stylish Gwin Africa, registered with Corporate Affairs Commission with BN: 2960954 was set up to showcase, brand and promote artisans and skilled professionals in Africa's fashion and craft industry.

The essence of Stylish Gwin Africa is to expose African creatives to the rest of the world. We aim to help Fashion Designers, Stylists, Accessories Designers, Fabric Merchants and other related African oriented arts tell their stories embedded in their content while also promoting African Culture and Values.

It is our objective to bring styles and arts to the fingertips of peoples of the world. We aim to showcase fashion styles and arts on behalf of Designers and Artisans with the aid of the web, Social Media platforms, and other media platforms; to fashion/art lovers out there and those seeking new styles and arts.


  • Promote African Culture, Valued and Heritage
  • Promote African oriented Fashion and Arts to the world
  • Connect Local Fashion Designers and Artisans to the world
  • Increase Local Content visibility and customer base
  • Increase profit and enhance brand identity

With Stylish Gwin Africa, you as a designer have an opportunity to capture your craft and showcase your designs to the world. Increase visibility, increase customer base, increase profit and enhance your brand identity