4 Easy Strategies that will help you Maximise your Skills for Profitability

How do you feel after seeing that the dress your designer delivered is nowhere near what you chose?


I know that look; I’ve been there.


Maybe not a designer, it could be that you required the services of someone but the outcome left you dissatisfied and regretful.


I bet that would be the last time they would see you or if you’re nice, you might give them some more trials and again, they break your heart even more with their poor services/products.


No doubt, you will discontinue employing their services and discourage anyone that dares to mention them.


What if you enjoyed their services? You will gladly return to them for more jobs and would also recommend them to as many that cares to listen; I know right!

This leads us to the first step in maximising your skills.

1. Mastery

There’s no maximization without mastery. Competence gives you confidence which helps you attract and convince others that they can trust you.


People want to work with experts and you can’t fake it because even if you do in getting them, the quality of your delivery/product and services will sell you out.


You need to continually invest in learning your craft. In simple terms, master your tools.
Your value increase as you increase in mastery, thereby leading to an increased demand for you. A boss that stops learning, will be boxed.


2. Be Seen

The usefulness of light is in the ability for it to be seen and used by others.

Of what use is a lamp if it’s hidden? Likewise your skills/knowledge/expertise.


No matter how good you are, if you’re not seen, you won’t be considered and your skills won’t be recognised and if you’re not recognised, you won’t be patronised.


If you don’t talk about your worth, many won’t know. It’s your duty to let others know that you know your onions and that they can trust you to solve their problems.


It is often said that good work speaks for itself, of course. However, if you desire to fully maximise your skills, you need to also add your voice in amplifying your good works.


Do you remember the story of a young boy called David? There was a point his skills spoke, that was how he got to the palace by recommendation.


There was also another instance, where he had to speak for himself, sharing his experience of how he killed a bear and a lion and assuring the king that the present obstacle is a sure deal.


You have to come out of your shell and shine your light not forgetting the need for strategic positioning.


There might be need to learn some skills like how to maximise social media, the art of persuasion and selling, which begins by first learning how to sell yourself before your offer.


You also need to learn how to communicate clearly. There might be need to pitch yourself to someone for an opportunity, If you can’t communicate your value to them or your audience, it might inhibit you from getting them to look in your direction.


Furthermore, leverage existing platforms and opportunities to be visible while you work on building your own platforms.


3. Consistency

In all honesty, it’s not easy. Consistency is serious work. It will require you to be persistent, patient and committed.


It takes consistency to keep writing even when no one is engaging or commending you.


To keep talking about your product and services even when no one clicks on the link or shows interest in purchasing (you might want to learn copywriting and the art of selling).


You need consistency to make sales.


It’s also important to spice up your consistency with innovation and creativity. That way, even if you keep showing up, it will always be interesting.


It takes consistency to keep showing up even when it seems no one is looking your way, even if they are watching.


It’s difficult, right? But guess what! Keep showing up.


The more they see you, the more you register in their mind, unconsciously; such that when the need arises, they will come to you or refer others.


4. Planning and execution.

Maintaining visibility is a plan in itself but you need more than that to effectively maximise your skills.


If you focus only on visibility without any clear cut goals you will soon lose focus or get frustrated. Set smart goals and execute them.


Laziness, procrastination, fear, indiscipline, distractions, wrong mindset, excuses and more, are great inhibitors limiting the advancement of many.


Successful planning and execution give rise to social proofs which makes it easy to attract more opportunities and also save you the stress of struggling to convince people to listen to you.


Proofs bring recognition and I know you desire to be recognized, who wouldn’t want that?


However, social proofs come for taking consistent strategic steps. No work, no proof.


 I bet you are now ready to take strategic steps this month; what are you waiting for? Get started.



©Gilgal Umia

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