This is Why Aso-oke Designs Are Trending So Well

Many people wonder why Aso-oke is now widely used for traditional weddings and other ceremonies. Though a fabric associated with the Yorubas, Aso-oke has seen widespread use beyond western Nigeria and its natives.

Amongst Nigeria’s textile export, Aso-oke is one of the mostly used fabrics for wedding receptions especially and one just wonder why.


Aso-oke is a special hand-woven cloth and over centuries has become somewhat of the style marker of the Yoruba tribe. It was said to have been created in Yorubaland around the 15th century and since then spread around the land and its environs.

Despite being a traditional material, Aso-oke is making a very modern comeback. The new generations of creatives and designer are finding ways to marry the rich cultural history of Aso-oke with modern silhouettes.

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