Unique Bridesmaid And Groomsmen Traditional Attire

In November 2019, we had the opportunity of covering a wedding that will later go on to be the wedding of the year in Texas, USA.

Working with the Kemohs was quite an experience, a thrilling encounter and a period we undertook even new areas of fashion, Africanwise.

We made almost the whole costumes used for the wedding. However, today we’ll be showcasing a few of the traditional attires made for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

For the ladies (bridesmaids), we made 9 lace gowns, Auto Geles, Asoebi Fans and Ipiles (Shoulder cloth). Two of them were maids of honour who wore black and gold attires while the seven bridesmaids wore purple and gold attires

Bridesmaids and groomsmen traditional attires Haja's Bridesmaid Haja's Maid of honour Bridesmaid attire

For the nine(9) groomsmen, we made Agbada styles. Two of them were ‘best men’ so they wore gold and black Agbadas while the rest seven men wore black and purple Agbadas.

Groomsmen Attire Groomsman and Bridesmaid Best Men Attire Groomsman

From time to time we’ll be showcasing our work and sharing our experience. We also encourage African designers and creative artists to do likewise – promoting their work, sharing experience and pushing their skills to the view of the world.

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